4 IT skills that are on the rise in 2017

Here at Futurecom’s blog you always find the latest innovations in the IT, internet and telecommunications markets, so as usual we’ve brought you a list of today’s top IT skills that are being sought out this year. Follow us.


Project management

Organizations are increasingly realizing that it is very necessary to have a project manager present to collaborate with the processes and keep everything under control – especially within budget and deadlines. According to directors of large companies, managers with a history of IT experience for health and finance will be increasingly in demand in 2017.

Digital security

Digital security has now become a priority. In general terms, the market indicates that there are not enough professionals to give vent to the demand of this activity. Such a market request has become a reality after the release of numerous high profile infringement cases reported by the press. In this way, companies started to worry even more about protecting their data and information.

User experience

And in the age of the digital environment, users expect companies to enable a fast and hassle-free experience. And this includes not only the site, but also apps, other softwares, e-commerce and games. Interface designers will be among the professionals frequently sought in the industry to ensure intuitive systems.

Big Data

We have already shown you on the site several reasons that prove the importance of collecting and analyzing data for strategic purposes. Companies are currently battling to manage the volume of data – whether from users, or from their behavior, not to mention marketing data. Today, big business success is closely linked to what they are capable of doing with their own data.

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Writing by Futurecom