5G might generate 22 million jobs

Recently, data from Qualcomm – Futurecom’s exhibiting company – showed that by 2035, an estimated 5G peak, the technology could be producing about $ 12.3 trillion worth of goods and services. Another relevant fact of the research also highlights that the 5G chain itself is expected to generate up to 22 million jobs.



Moreover, it seems the 5G will still have an impact on world GDP growth, which would represent a value of $ 3 trillion – Cumulative 2020 to 2035. The report highlights that the 5G will leverage mobile technology for other purposes, such as electricity and the automobile, benefiting other parallel economies.
The positive numbers were further reinforced by more than 90% of the 3,500 respondents in the study. Most of them agreed that 5G will allow new products, services and types of use that have not yet been invented or tried out by society.
The information is part of the joint research conducted by some partner companies and by economist Professor Dr. David Teece, director of Tusher Center at the Haas School of Business, U.C. California, and chief executive officer of the Berkeley Research Group (BRG).
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By 2015, the UN Telecommunication Division, ITU, has determined that by 2017 (this year), the entity would release the requirements for 5G radios, as well as the technical obligations that technology providers need to present. Read more here.
Writing by Futurecom