Anatel requires more transparency of Telecom operators

Anatel will require improvements in service and telecommunications services through a new regulation.

Image: Canaltech
Image: Canaltech


The Brazilian company Anatel, National Telecommunications Agency, prepares a new quality regulation for the Telecom service, according to the demands and complaints of the consumers. Factors such as telephone service and also the capacity for resolution are some of the ones identified as the biggest cause of problems, and that must undergo changes in the regulation.

The new regulation for the quality of Telecom services will focus more on stimulating the responsive and transparent performance of operators, while the current one is focused only on fines and punishments. Transparency in the relationship with consumers should be a watershed, said Anatel Consumer Relations Superintendent, Elisa Leonel.

Some pillars support the new regulation of Anatel, which are to promote the general quality of the sector, the adoption of responsive regulation mechanisms, the provision of credible information to consumers and also the change in the focus of quality monitoring. In addition to new rules, the regulation also implies new ways of monitoring these services, ensuring the best result for consumers with research at municipal level, not just by region, as is done under the current regulation.