Artificial intelligence: a new platform capable of suggesting insights focused on companies

The software and technology company TOTVS launched on Tuesday (13) an innovative platform. Called Carol, the data platform and artificial intelligence is able to extract information of quality and relevance, and promises to potentiate organizational data management.

Imagem: Revista Health-IT.
Imagem: Revista Health-IT.


With the advancement of technology, more and more information is currently being analyzed by organizations, and in this scenario the IA platform will optimize business decision making.
Technology is able to answer questions and suggest database-based business insights in a qualitative way. TOTVS defends the quality of the information, even with the massive and significant amount of data collected.
The goal of the Carol platform is to assist companies, and will help them receive customer sales data with agility, security and privacy. Not just receiving, the AI helps in the analysis and also to select the data by criterion of relevance. With the new platform, business owners will better see their business performance against the competition, as well as the sales forecast. In addition, the software will instantly create price suggestions based on the data you collect.
The data obtained through the Carol platform will aid in planning the organization for the future, and analyzing the performance they have achieved. TOTVS Labs CEO Vicente Goetten says that all enterprise solutions will gradually include data science and AI. However, the company will need people to ensure that models are often improved and that the machine learns constantly. Therefore, “the future is the combination of simple and modernized solutions and platforms in conjunction with AI and people,” according to the director.