Artificial intelligence and its advantages in telecommunication companies

Artificial intelligence is the promise to modify the most diverse processes in human life, and would not be different with telecommunication. Know the beneficial impact of A.I. in this sector.


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The telecommunications industry is changing quickly, and artificial intelligence is one of the technological tools that promises to benefit this sector. These changes have been occurring due to pressures of new technologies and also by the new profile of the consumer.

According to the director of IBM Brazil, Antônio Dias, users require telecommunication companies faster and quality services. Given the combination of these factors, telecommunication companies are increasingly looking for ways to evolve their services, bringing new technological solutions and meeting the demands of the consumer.
He points out that artificial intelligence services, such as Watson by IBM, seek to improve the conversation because they already have this capability, understanding the speech they receive more intelligently than mere keywords. In addition, artificial intelligence intends to aggregate to telecommunication services, while serving as an auxiliary in call centers, for example, with a database and understanding of this data in a much more efficient way, aiding in the resolution of user problems. In this sense, the processes in the services of customer service in the telecommunication companies become more agile.

Some models of artificial intelligence are already being applied in favor of telecommunications, being with virtual cognitive service for the 4G offerings, and also with help to the attendants that deal with the consumers. Also according to Dias by IBM, telecom operators using artificial intelligence have more assertive and faster solutions available, being a true assistant for both problem solvers and customer service technicians. Thus assertive solutions in a fast and efficient way also imply reduction in the cost of these processes.

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