Brazil: Wi-Fi is more popular in smartphone internet usage

Recently, an analysis by OpenSignal about mobile connections around the world has shown that Wi-Fi is still critical for smartphone users. In general, the survey had 19 billion samples collected from more than 1 million smartphones in 87 countries.

Differences in the use of mobile data are glaring among some countries, especially when it comes to speed. South Korea, for example, is still ahead of the fastest network, with an average download speed of 37.5 Mbps, while some countries do not reach 3 Mbps.



In latest report, which dates from August 2016, only nine countries had average speeds of 20 Mbps or more. In November last year, there were only 13: beyond Korea, Norway, Hungary, Singapore, Australia, Holland, Denmark, Lithuania, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and Belgium. Brazil has a mark of 8.8 Mbps according to the survey, which leaves the country behind Peru, Uruguay and Chile.

In Wi-Fi connections, there is also a big difference between countries. In Nigeria, the use of Wi-Fi counts for only 10% of the time the smartphone is connected, while Brazil occupies the 27th position, with Wi-Fi connections reaching for 53.4% ​​of the mobile navigation.

Evaluations of the data collected by OpenSignal have shown that Wi-Fi is very important, even in the face of the clear advancement of the most modern 4G mobile networks.

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Writing by Futurecom.