Futurecom 2016: how was the first day of the event


Before noon a few panels were already informing the debates of the 18th edition of the biggest e most qualified event of internet, IT and Telecom event in Latin America. The Brazilian Internet Association (ABRANET) started the event’s activities with … Continued

Interview with Rodrigo Parreira, President of Logicalis

Rodrigo Parreira, Logicalis

Smart factory revolutionizes production   Rodrigo Parreira, of Logicalis, also talks about the challenge of the connected city The technology is becoming the very core, the heart of the business, creating new operating models and increasing the interaction of people with the … Continued

Interview with Homero Diniz, President of Corning

Homero Diniz

 Glass is a source of solid applications Homero Diniz, of Corning, reveals that the company brings unreleased applications for Brazil Corning is bringing to Brazil unique development opportunities, which have no parallel elsewhere in the world, announced the president of … Continued

Interview with Nelson Campelo, CEO of Ustore

Nelson Campelo

Startup from Pernambuco bet on cloud Nelson Campelo is in charge of Ustore, which provides solutions for managing large volumes of data Switch the command of the Brazilian operations of a multinational to become partner in a startup is an … Continued

Interview with Eduardo Parajo, President of Abranet

Eduardo Parajo, Abranet

Small providers invest in fiber Sector still needs long-term financing lines. Eduardo Parajo, president of Abranet, confirms the growing interest of small and medium providers to use optical fiber to increase the band capacity available to end-users. But the investment … Continued