The advancement of Mobile Banking

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Mobile Banking has become the preferred tool among Brazilians among service channels.   The advancement of technology has made many procedures easier and faster. Mobile banking is a great example of this, since it has the practicality of the mobile … Continued

Smart Cities and Urban Connectivity

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The Smart Cities involve the interconnection of cities with components such as mobility, sanitation, infrastructure and others, and is enabled by the technology that has been evolving.   Smart Cities, as we’ve talked about here on the Futurecom Blog, use … Continued

Digital security on the agenda


We recently showed you on the blog that digital security has become a priority, especially after the release of numerous cases of violation of sensitive data of some organizations. Currently, organizations in 31 countries have also been targeted by a … Continued

58 thousand digital purchases happen per hour in Brazil


Recently, data from a survey conducted by Score Digital – a new statistical model developed in the country by Visa Performance Soluctions – showed that with the growth of Brazilians active in digital environment, a new kind of consumer profile … Continued

Design in detail: antennas to reduce visual pollution


Flat, clean or minimalist. You can call it as you want because this trend of architecture and design exists and has already gained the taste of homes, offices and also industries. In general, the idea is to reduce the amount of … Continued

4 IT skills that are on the rise in 2017


Here at Futurecom’s blog you always find the latest innovations in the IT, internet and telecommunications markets, so as usual we’ve brought you a list of today’s top IT skills that are being sought out this year. Follow us. Project … Continued

Digital economy still lagging behind in Brazil


Despite having the population that is world champion in hours spent on the internet daily, Brazil still has low indices when it comes to e-commerce. Here, Internet commerce accounts for only 3.6% of retail, which is Less than half the … Continued

Brazil ended 2016 with less mobile lines

The Brazilian National Telecom Agency (Anatel) revealed it’s balance about active mobile lines in Brazil in 2016. According to it, the country ended the year with 13.747.515 less mobile lines than it began. This represents a downfall of 5,33% comparing … Continued

The major technological tendencies to 2017


It’s the beginning of the year and we need to talk about the technological tendencies that are going to follow us during this 2017. You possibly already read about them here, but it is a good thing to reinforce to … Continued