The advancement of Mobile Banking

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Mobile Banking has become the preferred tool among Brazilians among service channels.   The advancement of technology has made many procedures easier and faster. Mobile banking is a great example of this, since it has the practicality of the mobile … Continued

Smart Cities and Urban Connectivity

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The Smart Cities involve the interconnection of cities with components such as mobility, sanitation, infrastructure and others, and is enabled by the technology that has been evolving.   Smart Cities, as we’ve talked about here on the Futurecom Blog, use … Continued

Big Data assists in new consumer approach

Big Data. Information Concept.

Joining Big Data and geolocation, the company begins to study the consumer and his behavior better.   Companies have perfected the way to communicate with their customers, and making use of technology as a great ally in this process. Since … Continued

Apple launches series on Apps creation


Apple already had the Apple TV, for transmission of images for television. Now the market giant has launched its own audiovisual production for TV.   The first original television series from Apple debuted on Tuesday (06), and consists of a … Continued

Digital security on the agenda


We recently showed you on the blog that digital security has become a priority, especially after the release of numerous cases of violation of sensitive data of some organizations. Currently, organizations in 31 countries have also been targeted by a … Continued

Security Software and the market trends


Some market trends will impact the future of security software as well as software risk management. This is a necessary demand, given the frequent threats and attacks in the virtual world. Therefore, the renowned technology consulting firm Gartner has listed … Continued