Big Data assists in new consumer approach

Big Data. Information Concept.

Joining Big Data and geolocation, the company begins to study the consumer and his behavior better.   Companies have perfected the way to communicate with their customers, and making use of technology as a great ally in this process. Since … Continued

New CNH model has digital security codes


The new driver’s licenses in Brazil are being issued since the beginning of May, with a novelty: they are the digital security codes, to avoid fraud. The code is an already used reader, called QR Code.   As for the … Continued

Scientists create a hard disk from an atom

IBM researchers recently published information on a breakthrough that brings great excitement to the computing industry. The study describes a technique that is capable of storing and reading bits containing information in an atom – the smallest unit of matter … Continued

OTT: a market as centralized as the TV


Differently from what we may think, the OTT market is not so decentralized and democratic, specially if we compare it with the TV segment. The concessions given to television companies in Brazil are widely concentrated in the hands of a … Continued

Technological run scares telecom sector


Recently, a partnership between IDC and Amdocs conducted a research that has shown the preoccupied opinion of the seniors executives from 81 companies about the existing technological run. The representatives are from regions like Europe, Asia, Latin America, Caribe and North America. … Continued