Telebrasil indicates a growth of 172% in 4G

Yes, 2016 already came through the number of active 4G accesses when compared to 2016. In this year’s september, the market represented about 49,3 million 4G accesses, what represented about 24 million new appliers, while in 2015 the number didn’t … Continued

4G: in Brazil, August has more than 46 million accesses


According to a research from the Brazilian Telecom Association (Telebrasil), the month of August presented a expressive number of internet access through 4G: about 46,3 million accesses were registered, a number that indicates a growth of 180% comparing to the … Continued

2016: Brasil will have 42 million connected in 4G

Brazilians are connected all the time as we know, after all, weekly we are here talking about the latest market news . Also, the latest Brazilian Media Research, conducted by the a Communication Office of the Republic’s Presidency in 2014, … Continued

There are more than 250 million 4G connections worldwide

4G no mundo

There were recorded 250 million active 4G connections worldwide in the first half of 2014, according to the report from Ovum. From the total accesses, 35% are from the two major American carriers (AT & T and Verizon), with 38.4 … Continued

Government will raise R$ 7.7 billion in 4G auction

Leilao 4G Brasil

According to the auction for the expansion of 4G released last week (21), the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) predicts that the government must raise at least R$ 7.7 billion with the selection of batches of the 700 MHz frequency range. The … Continued

There are now 2,8 million 4G handsets in Brazil

4G brasil

The fourth-generation technology, 4G, continues to grow in Brazil. According to the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), were added 334 000 new lines and the Brazilian LTE reached a total of 2.8 million – just over 1% of total mobile connections … Continued

There were totalled 2.83 million LTE terminals in May

Acessos LTE Brasil

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) announced, on Tuesday (17), data about mobile accesses in Brazil in May. According to the survey, there was a 13.4% growth in the number of handsets with LTE configured for use by the Brazilian operators … Continued

High definition audio 4G should get to Brazil in 2015

4G no Brasil

 Phone calls with high definition audio on the 4G networks will be offered in 2015, according to the expectation from Paulo Rebelo, regional director for Latin America at Ixia – company that tests networks for the carriers. Probably, the high quality … Continued