OTT: a market as centralized as the TV


Differently from what we may think, the OTT market is not so decentralized and democratic, specially if we compare it with the TV segment. The concessions given to television companies in Brazil are widely concentrated in the hands of a … Continued

Understanding the wearable devices

Wearable devices

Mobile technology, widely represented by smartphones and tablets, has constantly evolved and works in different areas of society such as communication, securitiy, health and transportation. The established trend, however, is that mobile technology get incorporated into wearable garments of users … Continued

Mobile Device Management in the BYOD era

Gerenciamento de Dispositivos Móveis (MDM) na era do BYOD

Image: Corbis The increasing demand for mobility has brought many challenges for the corporative world, especially in relation to managing enterprise systems and mobile devices from employees. The Mobile Device Management , or MDM, is an administrative area responsible for … Continued

Cybercrimes – what is Phishing?

Cyber crimes - Phishing

Image: Corbis In its 15 year history, the Futurecom brought to the public and to international ICT and Internet area business opportunities and relevant topics in its panels and debates. Among the topics commonly addressed, the discussions about digital safety … Continued