Machines will be able to enhance our brain’s hability


Recently, a new tech company was introduced to the world: Neuralink, by billionaire Elon Musk. It proposes the creation of a technological interface between brains and machines, which’d would allow to expand all limits currently imposed on the human mind. … Continued

3 innovations we’ll see in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Image: reproduction / Youthtimes

Rio 2016 ended last Sunday and we already miss it. Surely this edition of the Olympics marked the story of the internet. And because it’s so common for us to see amazing projects in such events, we are already paying … Continued

Brazil is the third largest market for mobile M2M connections in the world


The number of connections between machines (M2M) should continue to grow in Brazil, according to the study commissioned by Qualcomm and carried out by Convergence Research. The survey also shows that the Internet of Everything (IoE) will consolidate within a … Continued

M2M Applied to Automobiles

m2m automóveis

Roberto Heinrich, professor da Universidade Federal do Paraná e Consultor de Telecomunicações comenta sobre a tecnologia M2M, sua aplicação no setor automobilístico, novos negócios e o futuro da tecnologia.College professor and Telecommunications Consultant, Roberto Heinrich, writes about M2M, its application in the automotive industry, new business and the future of the technology.Robert Heinrich, profesor de la Universidad Federal de Paraná y Consultor de Telecomunicaciones habla sobre la tecnología M2M, su aplicación en la industria del automóvil, nuevos negocios y el futuro de la tecnología.