Machines will be able to enhance our brain’s hability


Recently, a new tech company was introduced to the world: Neuralink, by billionaire Elon Musk. It proposes the creation of a technological interface between brains and machines, which’d would allow to expand all limits currently imposed on the human mind. … Continued

3 innovations we’ll see in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Image: reproduction / Youthtimes

Rio 2016 ended last Sunday and we already miss it. Surely this edition of the Olympics marked the story of the internet. And because it’s so common for us to see amazing projects in such events, we are already paying … Continued

Learn more about the forms of attacks from cybercriminals

Imagem: Reprodução/Corbis

Currently, there are many discussions about the virtual security forms for businesses, especially thanks to advances in connectivity and social networks. These channels has become the preferred device for cybercriminals, which attack through the loopholes left by applications (mainly Facebook, … Continued

Confirmações no Futurecom – 30/09/2015 – Parte 1


Mais empresas confirmaram presença no maior e mais qualificado evento de TIC da América Latina. Confira: Arcadyan A Arcadyan confirma sua participação no Futurecom. Estarão na área B5 com 15m², patrocínio Standard. IntegraOptics A IntegraOptics confirma sua primeira participação no Futurecom. Sendatel … Continued