OTT: a market as centralized as the TV


Differently from what we may think, the OTT market is not so decentralized and democratic, specially if we compare it with the TV segment. The concessions given to television companies in Brazil are widely concentrated in the hands of a … Continued

Brief history of television


The television is a device that is part of our daily lives and, nowadays, it allows the whole world to connect with events, like this year’s Olympics and the earthquake that took place in Italy, besides the repercussion in many … Continued

Pay TV will close 2014 with US$ 269 BI revenue and 920 M subscribers worldwide

TV paga

Later this year, the global pay-TV market is expected to exceed 920 million subscribers worldwide, according to the survey “Pay TV ARPU and Revenues” carried out by ABI Research. According to the data, the competition growth in the segment resulted … Continued

Pay TV reaches almost 30% of Brazilian homes

TV por assinatura Brasil

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) released data about the subscribers base of pay TV services in Brazil. According to the agency, about 30% of Brazilian houses already have the service. The data is from the indicator “Density Services Pay TV”, … Continued

Brazil registers a 12.24% growth in the number of cable TV users

TV por assinatura cresce no Brasil

The Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (Anatel), the National Telecommunications Agency, recently announced a considerable growth in the customer base of subscription-based television services according to data collected by the Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística (IBGE), the Brazilian Institute of … Continued

What is DTH?

Televisão DTH

Image: SXC DTH reefers to a type of data transmission called “direct to home”. Constituted of five parts, DTH is a digital television system transmitted via satellite, which means no cable needed. Unlike the regular channels, carriers do not provide … Continued