Facial recognition: another solution presented at Futurecom 2016


Last week we made a summary for you viewers showing some of the technological innovations that exhibitors of Futurecom 2016 brought to the conceptual event, and now we bring detailed delivery of each of them, so you won’t miss any news.

NEC, for example, brought in its stand a innovation to optimize the daily financial institutions and, consequently, the users. This is a facial recognition solution. Generally speaking, people will have a registration at the institutions that will make the alternative available, and this will ensure that it debits your checking account values ​​from a face recognition, more or less what happens with the digital ones in the ATMs.




According to the developer, in Brazilian stores an average of 5,000 daily attempts of fraud are registered, a problem that comes against the alternative of the NEC. To combat fraud, the company guarantees that facial recognition is very useful.

In general, the system captures images and analyzes the proportions of the face, such as distance between eyes, nose and mouth, and from there, the person is recognized even if they wear glasses, hat or wig. Facial recognition is another option of biometrics, and the most used today is digital, but it is worth remembering that there are still other forms identification, such as by iris, voice and DNA.

NEC’s authoritative multibiometric identification system is designed to leverage multimodal research from a variety of biometric sources, such as fingerprints, facial images, and iris catches. The solution can be used in civil and criminal identification.

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