Futurecom 2016: the last day of the event

Facebook, Startups, 5G and some other innovations conduced the discussions on the last day of the most qualified Internet, IT and Telecom event in Latin America.

Another edition of Futurecom got to its end – and with plenty of quality. On the last day of the programming, a lot of parallel events made the public fill the Transmérica ExpoTrade.

One of the most expected was FbStart, a Facebook program to accelerate Startups, development of apps e tutoring digital entrepreneur. Zuckerberg’s network sent to São Paulo a few members of its team, that, among other subjects, talked with the public about user’s experience (UX), content production, chatbots, Account Kit and also about the FbStart program.


Account Kit is how it’s called the new way of login in apps through smartphones. Now, you probably noticed that some apps allow you to sign up using only your phone number, and that’s a Facebook initiative. According to the presentation showed in the Brasil auditorium, the new way to sign up already collaborated to increase in 7% the conversions on the iFood app, for instance.

Besides, the panelists showed that, in average, 77% of the users abandon apps after one week, affirming that this is an alarming number. That way, they showed alternatives for developers not to make mistakes when trying to make a better user’s experience more viable

Another interesting data presented during the event concerns the best apps created in the world. According to the FB team, of the 1000 (one thousand) best apps created last year, 64 of them were Brazilian, and that makes the company see Brasil as an interesting market to its investments, seeing that the country is the leader in using the social network in Latin America.

At 2PM, inside Colombia auditorium, another parallel event to Futurecom Congress started: the StartUp Session. Promoted by the event in partnership with the company @startupfarm, a startups accelerator. This time, six startups competed for the trophy, being that the only champion was Rapidoo, that anticipates fiscal receipts emitted by its clients, paying at once what was sold in long payment terms using a totally online and self-service experience.


Futurecom 2016 says goodbye to another edition, with the certainty that the in the next one we’ll have even more success. A thank you to everyone present, partners and companies that, once again, built everything with us.


By Team Futurecom.