Industry Project 2027: the impact of the news technologies one economy

The Brazilian project brings together researchers focusing on studies of the projections of economics and technologies in the next ten years.

Image: Portal da Indústria
Image: Portal da Indústria

Industry project 2027 of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) has the central theme on study the main trends in new technologies and their influence on the future of the economy and industry. The project has a large group of researchers from several Brazilian universities.

Experts say the economy has been impacted significantly by growing new technologies such as the Internet of Things and also nanotechnologies and other innovations. The world is in a time of adaptation, researching and discovering new technologies as resources for the most diverse purposes and sectors.

In the Industry Project 2027, will be deepened knowledge on innovations:

Internet of Things

Recurrent issue when it comes to technology and innovation, IoT allows to create intelligent monitoring systems.

Technology and Communication

It ensures the efficient connection between business sectors even on a global scale.

Big Data

The known tool for reading, storing and interpreting data, which helps companies with productivity information and insights for decision making. Recently we published here on the blog about the power of Big Data, read here.

Artificial Intelligence

A.I. systems deal with large amounts of information in order to solve the problems. It has already been used to improve service in some companies, for example, as we mentioned previously here.


It permits to increase the productivity of diverse sectors, as of beauty and fashion, creating products more beneficial to the health.

The Industry Project 2027 will examine these and even more new technology tools to analyze the impact on diverse business models that are driving the economy today, and which are trends for the future, such as agribusiness, automotive complex, information technology and communications, among others.

At the beginning of 2018, Project Industry 2027 will publish a book with the results of these studies, and promises with this also to guide public policies.

While the official result of the project doesn’t come out, remember here when we published about prospecting related to industry and new technologies.