Integration of brazilian telephone networks with Peru is approved

On Tuesday (13), the agreement between Brazil and Peru was approved for the integration of telecommunication networks in the border region between the two countries. Approved by the Senate Plenary, the agreement consists of a pilot project for the installation of the new bilateral instrument, which intends to create a single tariff for the cities.



In this integration, the operators that serve the region must follow the egalitarian tariff that will be fixed, signing commercial agreements among themselves for the implementation of the pilot project. The cities included in this project are Assis Brasil, in Acre, and Iñapari and Iberia, located in Peruvian territory. The integration has unlimited duration, and will include services of connection independent of the origin or destination, being of fixed or mobile phones.
The integration project will be supervised by the regulatory agencies Anatel – Telecom National Agency of Brazil, and Osiptel – Higher Institute for Private Investment in Telecommunications, on the Peruvian side, and also by the Ministry of Communications of both countries.
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