Interview with Dimitri Diliani, Nokia’s vice-president for Latin America

Nokia bet on the growth of 4G

Dimitri Diliani talks about the great expansion of LTE and the use of new frequency bands


The mobile fourth generation (4G) continues to grow strongly in Brazil. “Many operators have limited their investments in 2G. They need to maintain the network, but the investment has already been made”, said Dimitri Diliani, Nokia’s vice-president for Latin America. “They continue to invest in 3G, but we see that the 3G investments are also reaching a limit. The investment that takes place in Brazil today is mainly in LTE, for the expansion of LTE coverage across the country. “.

In an exclusive interview to Futurecom All Year, Diliani talked about the expectation of the use of the 700 MHz band, now occupied by analog TV, for 4G. “The LTE in 700 MHz brings great value to the consumer. It offers better coverage, especially in rural areas. It provides good indoor coverage within the home. It offers good service to the end user. So I think it’s something that everyone is waiting, operators and consumers. We are just waiting to the spectrum to be vacated. Part of this spectrum will be available sometime next year. “

The operators have also sought to reuse the spectrum of second generation (2G) to expand the coverage of LTE, 4G technology. “We also have new spectrum that will be auctioned in Brazil, I hope that in the coming months, to give extra relief to operators, more capacity for LTE network”, said Diliani.

The purchase of Alcatel-Lucent by $ 16.6 billion, announced in April, is expected to close early next year. Regulatory authorities in several countries, including Brazil, have approved the transaction. Diliani highlights the complementarity of the portfolios of the two companies: “We can offer to operators in Brazil solutions end to end more optimized. We will combine two major research and development organizations to prepare our industry for the next decade, with 5G, with migration to cloud solutions, to bring the next level of technology to market.”

The vice president of Nokia sees great opportunity in Internet applications of things, which should multiply by 10 by the end of the decade, the number of devices connected to telecommunications networks. “We see some applications that were not even dreamed of in the past. I think it will be very exciting. “

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By Renato Cruz