Interview with Homero Diniz, President of Corning

 Glass is a source of solid applications

Homero Diniz, of Corning, reveals that the company brings unreleased applications for Brazil

Corning is bringing to Brazil unique development opportunities, which have no parallel elsewhere in the world, announced the president of the Brazilian operation, Homero Diniz. Among the company’s products is the Gorilla Glass – a thin special glass, light and super-resistant, used in portable electronics. Without giving details of these applications, for obvious reasons, he said that many of them will be directly linked to the telecommunications market.

In the Brazilian telecommunications market, the demand for optical fiber continues to grow, in the evaluation of the president of Corning Brazil. Operators have maintained investments because they know it is important to make the migration from copper wire to fiber. The need to connect only grows and checks in all sectors. Diniz recognizes, however, that the situation could be better, especially when compared to other Latin American countries such as Mexico and Colombia, where demand is very strong.

He points out the importance of small Brazilian providers, which account for capillarity of the market. “One can not expect that in a country the size of Brazil someone can control everything from Sao Paulo, Rio or anywhere else. These people do the work to cover the whole country”, he explains in an exclusive interview with Futurecom All Year. And reveals that outside the telecommunications area, there are good prospects for the company’s other products, especially special glass in segments such as automotive.

Corning operates worldwide and the international sales account for about 60% of its revenue. Brazil is now its main business hub in Latin America.

Watch the video and learn more about this market and the company’s plans.

By Renato Cruz and Nilton Tuna Mateus