Interview with Nelson Campelo, CEO of Ustore

Startup from Pernambuco bet on cloud

Nelson Campelo is in charge of Ustore, which provides solutions for managing large volumes of data

Nelson Campelo

Switch the command of the Brazilian operations of a multinational to become partner in a startup is an unusual choice among executives of information technology in the country.

However, Nelson Campelo, now CEO of Ustore, a company that emerged in the Digital Port, in Pernambuco, decided to change the maturity of an established business to the challenges of entrepreneurship. And what helped Campelo to opt for this new universe was precisely this innovation in Ustore’s technology.

“Cloud computing is a technology that is in the wave crest in the Brazilian IT market and the demand tends to increase. The problem is that many companies fail to translate them to the customer, closer and closer to the technology in your business. And we we do this”, says the executive, who was president of Avaya in the country.

The Ustore was established in 2007 by a doctoral student in systems security at the Federal University of Pernambuco. The main item of his portfolio, software to manage large volumes of data in the cloud, has responded to demand mainly from institutions linked to the government, like the army and, more recently, Telebrás.

Although the government today represent the main customer of the company, Campelo says that the demand in the private sphere by the Ustore platform has grown due to the increase in the number of private cloud providers in the market.

Below are the main passages from the exclusive interview of the executive to Futurecom All Year.

The platform of data structuring, flagship of the portfolio of Utsore, was developed based on which difficulty of the domestic market?

In recent years, increased the concern about security in enterprises and, especially, in the public sphere. Recent spy cases lit the red alert in IT departments. With this, we develop a solution that structure large volumes of data and stores with a high level of security. The difference is that it is sold with a service, which ultimately reduce costs to the client, which does not always have structure to an internal cloud.

Because of the profile of the IT infrastructure in the public sphere, we can conclude that the government is the main customer of Ustore today?

Our platform is designed to meet both types of customers, public and private companies. The demand of the public sphere has been great because of increased concerns about espionage cases. Despite this, however, our portfolio is designed for any size business. Today the government is our main customer. We lead a cloud project recently with the Brazilian Army and another with Telebras, which includes the construction of a solution to the educational system.

How do you see the Brazilian market for cloud in Brazil today? It is saturated or is there still room for new players to exploit it?

Nowadays there is a doubt in the cloud market: who has what? Many companies offer many things. The market, in our view, is not saturated because there is room for specialized business, niche business. We can not yet say that the market is consolidated.

What factors determined you change from Avaya for Ustore? The choice follows according to your expectations?

This new challenge has exceeded my expectations. The Ustore had a good perception of the cloud market before creating the cloud platform and it built the factors that shaped my decision to go for this new challenge. One was the moldable and scalable technology. Cloud computing is a technology that is the wave of the Brazilian IT market, the problem is that many companies operating in this segment can not translate it into the various layers of customers that exist. And this paradigm shift and its consequent restructuring in the industry happen faster in smaller companies.

By Bruno de Oliveira