IoT for retail: check out Futurecom news

That Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most present themes in Futurecom you already know, after all, every year the exhibitors present at our events bring incredible innovations to the public that visit us. We have already shown some of them here and here.

Today, however, we have brought a specific novelty to the retail and that was presented in our exhibition of 2016, this is the smart tags. Follow us.




PromoLogicalis presented an innovation: the magnetic label. It is a technology that, when in contact with an optical reader arranged just above the products, presents a multitude of information about them. For example, if the product is a garment, the label will present specifications about size, stock availability, fabric information, and even what store items may match that garment. Incredible, isn’it? According to the developer, the product is an alternative to collaborate with the organization and control of the stock and also to give more autonomy to the consumer, since he will not need to call the seller whenever he has a question.

And the innovations do not stop there. PromoLogicalis also presented during the Futurecom 2016 an excellent initiative for the industry and also residences. The company has developed sensors that, when installed in power cabinets, can monitor the power consumption of each electric appliance installed on site. Incredible, is not it?

These and other innovations you find every year in the largest and most qualified IT, Internet and Telecommunications event in Latin America, Futurecom. Follow the updates here on the blog and stay on top of everything that happens in these specific markets.

Writing by Futurecom.