Number of accesses via 4G increases in this year’s first quarter

In February, the number of 4G broadband accesses reached 67 million, representing a growth of 120% over the same period of the previous year. According to data from the Brazilian Telecommunications Association (Telebrasil), total broadband accesses (sum of 3G with 4G) totaled 196.4 million accesses – in all, since February last year, 37 million new 4G connections were activated in Brazil.

In addition, the number of cities with 4G coverage in Brazil also increased by 254% in relation to February 2016. The numbers indicate that, today, about 1,691 municipalities have fourth generation networks installed, a number that indicates that the current coverage exceeds the expansion target published in the notices, which was to reach 288 municipalities. In this way, 4G already reaches cities where approximately 74% of all brazilians.

In contrast, third generation networks are located in 4,994 cities, where 98% of the Brazilian population is concentrated. In 3G coverage also exceeds the current target, which is 3,668 locations.


Last year, the data collected by Telebrasil highlighted a very positive information: 2016 entended with 60 million broadband accesses 4G – 4.6 million were activated that year.
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