Research projects receive encouragement from Brazil and the European Union

Elected research projects will receive an incentive of up to R $ 60 million to be developed.

Image: Shutterstock
Image: Shutterstock

The National Education and Research Network (RNP) of Brazil and the European Union have a program called ‘Horizonte’, in favor of encouraging research projects, which is overseen by the Ministry of Science’s Department of Informatics Policy (Sepin) , Technology, Innovations and Communications.

The program selected six Internet research projects of Things, 5G and Cloud Computing. The projects will be financed with a total budget of 16 million euros, or R$ 60 million, lasting three years as a resource to be developed. The development of the projects will be supervised by both countries.

Among the selected research projects are several entities, both from the Brazilian and from the European side. Of Brazil there are 39 institutions, among universities, research centers and companies involved.

The program received 51 proposals, of which only six were selected to receive the investment. Of these, three are in the Internet area of ​​Things, two in Cloud Computing and one in 5G Networks. The projects are aimed at solving real problems, and are aligned with the area of ​​Communication Information Technology.

The strategic partnership between Brazil and the European Union has contributed to strengthen the relation between companies and academies of the countries and also to promote the technological development.